About Appalachian Contracting & Sons

General Contractor

Appalachian Contracting & Sons is a home renovation specialist, remodeling contractor, and tree service that truly cares about customer satisfaction. We provide quality craftsmanship at the best possible prices. When you choose Appalachian Contracting & Sons you may be certain that your project will be treated with the highest level of professionalism. Every project receives the same attention to detail and excellence in workmanship, no matter how small or large the project might be.

All work we do is 100% “in-house”

Meet Our Team

Tom and Rich have over 25 years of experience of collective experience in all types of home renovation and remodeling. Rich is a skilled painter and Tom’s assistant for all interior and exterior building projects. Tom is a meticulous contractor that uses only the best building techniques and highest quality building materials.

“We won’t claim to be the cheapest contractor you can find, but there’s a reason for that! The work we do goes above and beyond – a call to the highest standards – in both the techniques we use (like notching our posts) and also in the quality of the building materials we use. When we build a deck, we don’t have to use these 8″ carriage bolts, we don’t have to use these high quality screws – we could use nails… but we do it anyway because it adds a ton of stability and that deck lasts forever!”